Weingut Spiess, Bechtheim

Weingut Spiess

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  • Single Vineyard and Reserve

    Working with fruit from our best sites, these wines showcase exceptional aging potential as well as the distinctive characteristics of each vineyard.

    The harvests are selective and always conducted manually, with yields restricted to 40 hl/ha. The must undergoes spontaneous fermentation, after which the resulting “young” wine is left together with the lees until summer. Reds are matured for 18 months in small oak barrels. The wines are first released for sale on 1 September of the year following vintage.

    Other wines sharing this classification are those labeled with an »R« for Reserve.

  • Village and Selection

    These wines are made from fruit grown in carefully selected sites in the town of Bechtheim. Tradition reigns supreme, with a focus on local varieties, restricted yields and spontaneous fermentation using native yeast. Red village wines are matured for approximately 15 months in small oak barrels.

    Other wines sharing this classification are those labeled with an »S« for Selection.

  • Estate-level

    Grown in the vineyards surrounding Bechtheim, these wines are a fine introduction to our approach and present the full quality, style and range of our estate.


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